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During the development of instrument building many unusual instruments were made. Here are some selected extraordinary keyboard instruments.


Travel Piano by Luigi Violi 1768

Travel pianos were very popular in the late 18th century and until the mid-19th century. Many composers and musicians had small and transportable instruments to use them on their travels. These instruments were built very light and could be taken easily because of their dimension...


Goulding & D’Almaine 1823 – 1834

This charming little piano is an early example for the rare upright pianos in England at the beginning of the 19th century. Upright instruments in this small form were far less common than the popular square pianos. The instrument was made between 1823 and 1834 by “Goulding...


Cabinet Piano John Broadwood and Sons c. 1835

This elegant instrument is one of the representatives of the so-called "Cabinet Pianos" a form of upright piano which were very popular in the early 19th century. Due to smaller rooms various forms of smaller pianos where needed but with no losses in the sound. Because of their e...