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Tangent Pianos

Tangent instruments take a very special place in the development of early keyboard instruments. Only a few are preserved until today. Since the foundation of the Eric Feller Collection the pianist Eric Feller has specialized in these instruments and the collection consist of some extraordinary and unique instruments of this type worldwide. Find here a fine selection of these instruments.


Ignacy Skurski c. 1770

Tangent instruments are very rare and only a few where made in history and survived. They were made between 1760 and 1810 but in some historical sources they were mentioned before that time, too. Especially in the Italian/Sicilian area, tangent instruments were very popular. D...


Anonymous c. 1760

After being almost completely forgotten, tangent pianos became increasingly important in the nascent historical performance practice and Mozart research. Today there are many researches on these "forgotten instruments". Tangent instruments were present in various European coun...


Longman and Broderip c. 1785 for Charles Burney

One of the world's absolute rarities is the unique Longman & Broderip tangent piano, built for the famous music historian, composer and musician Charles Burney (1726 – 1814). The instrument captivates with its outstanding sound and craftsmanship. The case is made of maho...