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The Eric Feller Early Keyboard Instruments Collection


The Eric Feller Early Keyboard Instrument Collection was founded in 2004. Out of the interest and enthusiasm to play on authentic original period instruments the pianist Eric Feller started to collect historical instruments.

Since then the collection has become one of the largest private collections in the world and currently includes over 400 original instruments of fortepianos, square pianos, organs, clavichords, harpsichords and spinets and tangent pianos.

The main interest lies on the extremely rare tangent instruments and on early instruments build until 1830. In no other private collection is a greater density of tangent instruments.

The collection of Eric Feller impresses furthermore with its large number of early 18th century square pianos.

In addition to the instruments the collection houses a comprehensive library of actually over 5,000 volumes of sheet music, first editions, autographs and literature from all periods of music as well as a comprehensive library of first editions on the subject of philosophy.

The aim of the collection is to preserve these rare instruments and to complete the research on instrumental history and historical performance practice. They are also used in concerts to contribute to the topic of music history.

Eric Feller at his Fortepiano made by Érard Frères, Paris 1802