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The Clavichord is a stringed keyboard instrument which was used as a practice instrument or for composing in the late Medieval, through the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical eras. Find here some selected instruments from the Eric Feller Collection.


Anonymous c. 1780

The clavichord plays a very special role within the group of keyboard instruments. The quiet and intimate sound has long been appreciated by many musicians as the ideal sound - even long after the invention of the piano. In historical sources the clavichord was often called as "t...


Neupert 1954

The clavichord is probably the oldest keyboard instrument and can be traced back to written and iconographic sources in Germany to the 15th century. Little is known about the exact origin. Certain is that the monochord, the organ and the hurdy-gurdy, known from antiquity, were th...


Johannes Morley 1968

This small clavichord was made by the traditional factory of John Morley in London and represents the modern style of instrument making in the second half of the 20th century. With the beginning of historical performance practice harpsichords, spinets and clavichords became more...


Heugel 2013

The emergence of the clavichord is closely linked to the development of music and craftsmanship and emerged from the mechanization of the psaltery and monochord. The origins of this instrument can be traced back to the 14th century. During the 15th century the instrument underwen...