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George Goodwin Kilburne (1839 - 1924) - The Duet

December 2018


Please find 3 new published articles in the Publications section!


The “12 Apostles” of Piano Making in the late 18th Century in England

  • In many books you can find the term “The Twelve Apostles” of piano making. How did this term developed and who were these instrument makers?


Longman & Broderip

  • A short essay about the history of one of the most exciting companies in piano making in the late 18th century in England.


Muzio Clementi – Composer, Pianist & Instrument Maker

  • A report about the composer and instrument maker Muzio Clementi, whose history is closely connected to Longman & Broderip and whose business skills have made him known as the “Father of the Pianoforte”.


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