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Shoehs 1790


Date: 1790

Origin: Paris

Serialnumber: ---

This early French square pianoforte is made by an instrument maker who we do know nothing. So far, no other instrument has been found, so it is probably the only surviving instrument.

The case and legs are made of mahogany and framed with simple inlays. The instrument has a single action and is double strung. The nameboard is intricately decorated and contains the handwritten signature in a square cartouche:


A. Paria

Rue St. Honnoré


Compared to other instruments (e.g. Erard) it shows the typical features of the construction period around 1790. The keys are made of ivory and ebony. The entire instrument shows the very high craftsmanship skills of its builder. In all literature the name of Shoehs does not appear. It can be assumed that it comes from an instrument maker who has produced only in a few numbers.


So far no other instruments of Shoehs are known!



Length: 153 cm

Width: 54,5 cm

Height: 19 cm

Circumference: 5 octaves (FF – f3)

Mechanics: single action with single dampers

Pedals: 1 hand stop - dampers

Signature: „Shoehs
A. Paria
Rüe St. Honnoré