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Neupert 1961 – Telemann


Date: 1961

Origin: Bamberg

Serialnumber: 20193

This small one-manual harpsichord by Neupert from Bamberg shows the further development of the modern Rastenbauweise (industrial/serial construction).

The case is made from walnut and has a square wing shape with an open soundboard. The instrument has 2 sets of jacks and has the new called OK-Jacks with silver tone plectra’s developed by Neupert. The elongated and round jacks are made of light metal and have two spring-assisted hand adjustment screws on both ends. These innovations are intended to minimize the susceptibility of the jacks and the instrument is easier to regulate. Removing the jacks to regulate is no longer necessary.

The instrument has a compass of 4 ½ octaves (CC – f3) and a plastic keyboard. Furthermore, there are two registers (8 ‘and 4′) as well as a divided lute stop for the 8’ register. On the nameboard is the signature “Neupert” on the right side. The serial number is 20193 and is stamped on the right side of the wrest plank.

According to old sales catalogs of the Neupert company, the instrument is called the Telemann model, based on the composer Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767). The designation of individual models of harpsichords after well-known composers was very popular in the 1950s – 1970s by many harpsichord makers (Neupert, Sperrhake, Wittmayer, etc.).

The sound of the instrument is very present. Because of its modern construction it is a completely new designed instrument and the sound is not comparable to historical harpsichords.



Length: 144 cm

Width: 80 cm

Height: 28 cm

Circumference: 4 ½ octaves (CC – f3)

Mechanics: OK-Jacks

Pedals: 2 registers (8 '& 4') , divided lute stop

Signature: Neupert