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Neupert 1934


Date: 1934

Origin: Bamberg - Germany

Serialnumber: 15978

Pre-war harpsichords are becoming increasingly important in music history. The Great World Exhibition in Paris in 1889 can be seen as the central point in the rediscovery of the harpsichord after it had been forgotten for almost 100 years. This rediscovery inspired interpreters, instrument makers and composers alike to deal more with the “new / old” instrument again and started an evolution that culminated in today’s historical performance practice.

This single manual harpsichord made by Neupert in Bamberg is one of the rare harpsichords from the pre-war period, perfectly preserved with all parts original and playable.

The case is made of dark walnut and has a square wing shape with closed case at the bottom. On the right side there is a small brass hook for locking the instrument. The harpsichord has 2 rows with wooden jacks with leather quills (so-called “troho jacks“), two registers (8′ and 4′) and a lute stop for the 8 ‘register, which is not divided. The compass is 4 ½ octaves (CC – f3).

The signature “Neupert Bamberg” is located in the middle of the nameboard. The serial number is 15978.


The sound of this harpsichord is very warm und present. Because of its modern construction it is a completely new designed instrument and the sound is not comparable to historical harpsichords. Compared to identical instruments from the 1960s and 1970s, the sound is convincing multiple times.



Length: 137,5 cm

Width: 77,5 cm

Height: 19,5 cm

Circumference: 4 ½ octaves (CC – f3)

Mechanics: wooden jacks with leather quills ("troho jacks")

Pedals: 2 registers (8' & 4') , lute stop

Signature: "Neupert Bamberg"