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John Broadwood and Sons 1889 – Art Case


Date: 1889

Origin: London

Serialnumber: 22386

This Art Case Gothic style concert grand piano by John Broadwood and Sons was made in 1889 and shows the outstanding craftsmanship by that company. The instrument not only impresses with its powerful sound and elegant case, but also with its interesting history…


The case is made of mahogany with revolving cassettes and carvings. The keyboard is made from ivory and ebony, the hammers are covered with felt, underdampers, triple and straight strung strings and the instrument has a steel frame.

The piano stands on three legs, which are lavishly decorated with carvings and has a richly decorated wooden lyre with the Broadwood typical two duck-feet pedals for lifting the dampers and due corde. The compass of the keyboard is 7 octaves (AAA – a4) and the serial number is 22386. The nameboard bears the inscription:

“John Broadwood & Sons


The Gothic design is typical of the Victorian period in England in the late 19th century. Many other piano builders built grand pianos in elaborate and expensive designs to suit the contemporary tastes. Another example of an Art Case instrument is the grand piano made by Gabriel Gaveau from 1911 in the Eric Feller Collection – click here for more information.


Originally from Ireland, this grand piano was used in the movie “Far and Away” made in 1992 with starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. After finished filming the piano was sold by the production company and was then completely restored in 1994 by Martin Robertson (Oxfordshire).



Length: 275 cm

Width: 151 cm

Height: 30 cm

Circumference: 7 octaves (AAA – a4)

Mechanics: English grand piano action

Pedals: 2 pedals - dampers & due corde

Signature: „John Broadwood & Sons