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Heinrich Janssen c. 1810 – 1815


Date: 1810 - 1815

Origin: Vienna

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This charming grand fortepiano is a testimony to the elegant and perfect craftsmanship of Viennese piano making in the early 19th century. The case is made of nut and polished with shellac. On the sides and around the keyboard it is decorated with the original fire-gilt bronzes. These bronzes were often lost over the centuries. They were mostly dismantled and sold because of the high value of the artwork or used as fittings for furniture.

The piano stands on 4 original legs with fire-gilded bronzes. The keyboard is made of ivory and ebony, the hammers are covered with deerskin and the piano is double and triple strung. The compass of the keyboard is 6 octaves + fourth (CC – f4). The nameboard bears the inscription on a ceramic label:

“Heinrich Janssen /

in Wien”.

The designation “in Wien” on the nameboard was only allowed to be used by instrument makers who themselves were “ordinary citizens” of the city.


Today there is nothing known about Heinrich Janssen. In some sources Janssen is still reported as a maker of giraffe and lyre pianos.

Till today there are no other known surviving instruments by him.




Length: 225 cm

Width: 124 cm


Circumference: 6 octaves + fourth (CC - f4)

Mechanics: Viennese action

Pedals: 5 pedals - dampers, due & una corda, bassoon, sordine

Signature: „Heinrich Janssen / in Wien"