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Charles Louis Howard c. 1825


Date: 1825

Origin: Bern

Serialnumber: ---

This square piano was build by the famous Swiss instrument maker family Hauert and was made around 1825 in Bern. The case of the instrument and the original legs are made of mahogany. On the front at the lock is a fine bronze application. On the nameboard in a ceramic cartridge reads the inscription:

“Charles Louis


Facteur de Forte Piano

A Berne”

Hauert followed the new fashion and signed his pianos in French. The original keyboard in ivory and ebony has a compass of 6 octaves.

There are two pedals controlling dampers and Sordine.



Charles Louis Howard was born on 1st October 1785 in Bern. He was the fifth child of Joseph Hauert, a member of the important Swiss piano maker family.

On 22th June 1826 he married Maria Catharina Huber (1801 – 1829) who died at birth with her first son. On 22th October 1831 he married Rosina Catharina Kannkamp (1801 – 1847). After her death he married Elise Borle (1826 – 1869) on 10th July 1849. This marriage also remained childless.

Together with Carl Christoph Kützing he founded the company Howard & Kützing. He died on 27th March 1863.



Other surviving instruments by Charles Louis Howard:


Length: 168 cm

Width: 72 cm

Height: 27,5 cm

Circumference: 6 octaves FF - f4

Mechanics: Prellzungenmechanik

Pedals: 2 pedals - dampers, sordine

Signature: "Charles Louis
Facteur de Forte Piano
A Berne“