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Longman and Broderip 1776 – 1782


Date: 1776

Origin: London

Serialnumber: ---

One of the most important piano companies besides J. Broadwood in the late 18th century was Longman & Broderip. They acted as instrument dealers with instruments crafted by suppliers and as music publishers. One of these examples is this early square piano.

The case and the original stand are made of mahogany and framed with ribbon inlays. On the left side of the stand a curved wooden pedal for the lute stop is integrated. Left of the keyboard are two hand stops for divided dampers.

The instrument has a simple English single action and is double strung. The keyboard is made of ivory and ebony,.There is usually a scribe line, in this case two lines, on the key near the point that the key head joins the tail. This is a holdover from harpsichord days where this ornament was common. These lines are made after the keyboard is assembled, and will line-up down the key frame.

The date of this instrument is between 1776 and December 1782.

The nameboard bears the inscription:

“Longman and Broderip Musical Instrument Makers /

No 26 Cheapside London”

After 1782 the company signed their instruments on the nameboard with the second address (“No. 13 Haymarket London” – December 1782 branch opened)

The condition of the entire instrument was very good. It was in absolute original condition and was apparently never been before restored.


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Other surviving instruments by Longman & Broderip:

  • c. 1780 square piano  – Richard Burnett, Finchcocks, UK
  • c. 1795 square piano  – Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK



Length: 149,5 cm

Width: 49,3 cm

Height: 18,4 cm

Circumference: 5 octaves (FF,GG - f3)

Mechanics: single action

Pedals: 1 pedal controlling lute, 2 handstops for divided dampers

Signature: „Longman and Broderip Musical Instrument Makers ⁄
N° 26 Cheapside London"