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Léonard Systermans 1829


Date: 1829

Origin: Paris

Serialnumber: 2187

This small Empire square piano was made in Paris in 1829 by Léonard Systermans. The instrument convinced with its simple elegance and fine sound.

The case and columnar legs are made of mahogany. The nameboard is slightly rounded and bears the inscription:

“Leonard Systerman /

Rue Notredame de Nazareth no. 26 Paris /


On the soundboard is a handwritten signature with the serial number “Leonard Systermans No. 2187 a Paris 1829“.

The original keyboard has a compass of 6 octaves (FF – f4) and is made from with ivory and ebony. The action is a French version of the double action.

The piano has two pedals (dampers, lute) and a knee lever (moderator). Above the action and soundboard is the original dust cover which is divided into two parts.

The instrument was purchased in absolute original condition (no parts were missing) and was restored by Rudolf Haase, Switzerland.



Jean Léonard Systermans was born in 1764 and was of Alsatian origin. Around 1780 he was an apprentice of Fessard in Paris. From about c. 1785 he had his own workshop in Rue Denis Maison Chaumont no. 18 (see: square piano from 1797, collection M. Cole and square piano made in 1800 (current owner unknown)).

On June 12, 1821, Léonard Systermans died and the business was continued by one of his sons under the name of his father. The address from about 1817 was in the Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth no. 26 in Paris.

From about 1840, the company Systermans et Frères with the same address is detectable (see: Martha Clinkscale “Makers of the Piano“)

Claude Montal describes in his book “L’art d’accorder soi-même son piano” that Systermans’ instruments “although inferior to those of Erard, nevertheless had a good reputation” (see. Claude Montal “L’art d ‘accorder soi-même son piano“, 1836, p. 212)



Other preserved instruments by Léonard Systermans:

  • 1797 square piano (No. 130) – Collection Michael Cole Cheltenham, England
  • 1824 square piano – Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts Collection, Edith Cowan University Perth, Australia
  • 1825 square piano – private collection Amsterdam, Netherlands


Leonard Systermans, Paris 1829 – Collection Eric Feller


Leonard Systermans, Paris 1829 – Collection Eric Feller


This square piano is on permanent display at the Kellinghusen Museum “betont – Ton und Tasten Museum”!


Length: 160 cm

Width: 60 cm

Height: 24,5 cm

Circumference: 6 octaves (FF - f4)

Mechanics: French version of the double action

Pedals: 2 pedals (dampers, lute), 1 knee lever (moderator)

Signature: "Leonard Systermans /
Rue Notredame de Nazareth No. 26 Paris /